You are a professional duelist, bound to the service of your noble patron, the eccentric Marquessa. But that doesn't mean you can't have a little fun.

You'll meet:

  • Good-natured Bailey, muscular and easy-going, your friend of many years. But could you be more than friends?
  • Mysterious Lumi, a magical seer, submitting to the will of fate. Can you fulfil Lumi's prophecy?
  • Stern Roan, your commanding and uncompromising nemesis. But maybe you could learn to take instruction?

This is a NSFW piece of Interactive Fiction. I mean it. Please don't play if you don't like smutty things. It contains graphic descriptions of erotic adventures (as well as regular descriptions of non-erotic adventures). Please read the Content Warnings before proceeding.

(On the initial play, I suggest you pick How To Play" or Begin Game" from the main menu. The "scene select" will let you jump to specific scenes, but won't make much sense on the first playthrough.)


This interactive fiction contains:

  • Graphic text descriptions of sexual activity.
  • Mild consensual DS/BDSM play (including spanking and some degrading language, mostly optional).
  • Some light, playful boundary pushing.
  • Heavy flirting and innuendo, only some of which is skippable.

It does not contain:

  • Any depiction or threat of non-consensual sexual activity.
  • Any homophobic or transphobic incidents or language.
  • Any NSFW illustrations (the title card is as visually NSFW as it gets).

It is not intended as a depiction of SSC/RACK sex.


The "How To Play" option will take you through a short tutorial, but for reference:

Simply click on the option you like best when prompted. 

For the most part these options are things your character will say or do.

However, if an option is wrapped in pluses (as below) it is asking you, the player, to make a decision about the truth of the game universe.

For example, you will be asked to choose the pronouns and sexual characteristics of you potential partners. This is not (obviously) the protagonist's choice, but rather the player's authorial decision. (All three main romances are playable as any combination of M/F/NB with any configuration of naughty bits.)

The other symbol to be aware of are options wrapped in minus signs; these indicate exits from the current scene, and can be used to avoid sexual scenes that you're not interested in.

Doing so will not block you from completing the game.

A few more tags and symbols to be aware of:

  • “[LIE]" indicates a lie.
  • “[SECRET]" chooses this option as your characters secret. You only have one, so choosing a SECRET option will lock off the other SECRET options.
  • “::: TEXT :::" indicates the link takes you to a new chapter.

There are some light puzzle elements, but failing to complete them successfully will not gate off major content, nor prevent completion of the game. This is intended to be a chill and hopefully stimulating experience, not the Dark Souls of getting off.

Note there is no Save facility: a playthrough will take 20-30 minutes, so allow yourself time. (It can be left open in a tab, of course, just don't close it.)


StatusIn development
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(527 total ratings)
Authormoniker ersatz
GenreInteractive Fiction, Adventure
TagsAdult, Dating Sim, Erotic, ink, NSFW, sex, smut, Story Rich
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsMouse, Touchscreen


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Hello! Your game was my first contact with NSFW text-based ficction. I had a wonderful experience with it, you write very well. As a Brazilian I would be very happy to see a PT BR option in your game, so more people can have the same wonderful experience I had. I work with translations, you can read more about it here.

Also, the option to change the gender of the characters is a nice touch, good work all around.

- With all respect, Alex


Hi Jemma,

Thank you so much for making and sharing this amazing creation with the world! It is extremely well written, I love the characters, and the whole story is undoubtedly a super fun experience. The choose-your-own-adventure aspect was super fun and it all felt like a comprehensive and complete experience. 

In addition, the 18+ elements were super enjoyable, but also made me feel positive — not something that’s often the case when enjoying this sort of media. It was extremely mature and tasteful and I loved the customizability of all the characters (pronouns, etc.), it made it feel like anyone could enjoy this. 

The characters were all well-written, I really appreciated their different personalities and the flirtatious nature of the Marquessa. Overall, this is an amazing project and I hope to see more amazing things!

Thank you :)

Thank you!

super fun


Super well written and hot!! love the unique format and amount you can customise in terms of gender/body!


This was fun and cute.  I only wish it was more than just oral and hand play.


this was so fun. for a very short story the characters were well fleshed out (i miss them already) and the world felt real. i was hoping it would be much longer and i'd be excited if you were to extend upon this or write something similar in future !


Made an account just so I could express how I appreciate this. Writing's preem, pacing and dialogue are solid (no pun intended), and neither the conversations nor the action disappointed. Brought back that magic that I used to feel when first reading Choose-Your-Own-Adventure books, and I thank you dearly for that.


It's really good! Well-written, well-paced and balanced with some action and some romance. An interesting setting to boot! Are you planning on writing a continuation? That would be amazing.


Loved this fiction, as I said in my rating. I just finished your List and I just want to say thank you for letting me be cismale in this. In fact, just thank you for letting all of the players be any combination of pronoun and body comp. I do love that two of the three find you adorable and that in both you get to be a bit bratty, as I'm personally a switch. I personally hope that you get a chance to write more interactive fiction, or perhaps more fiction in this setting as it gripped me almost as much as the lovely scenes.


Ahhh, this is excellent. I've been hoping to learn how to write interactive fiction and this is great inspiration!


First time in a long time I've read something and I'm sitting here smiling and giggling like I'm in middle school again. 1000000/10 

Definitely making fan art for this!! 



I love this game! I want to write fanfic on AO3 about these characters!

Please do! And let me know if you do!


This was nice. Lumi made me realise I might be more dom than I thought. I did not expect to feel the way that I did when I realised what they were into. 

I didn't like Roan calling MC a loser. I don't mind name calling in this context, but loser just comes over a bit too malicious to me. 


Yeah, I don't know if loser is harsher in some places than others; here (mid UK) it's moderately mild, but the US might be different, for example. Roan is supposed to straddle that line between almost being too much of an asshole - sorry if it didn't work for you. 


this was fucking awesome, i hope you make more of this because it was fun to read

yes im a nerd


This one was really fun. I haven't finished all the stories yet, but I love them. I really like the setting, and I wonderend if you, the Author, have any stories published? I would love to read more written by you!


Yes! Two books (, some short stories (, and some fanfic (


Somebody needs to pay this guy to make this into an full story visual novel!


I really loved this. Your writing style really benefits from the choose-your-own format and you have such a good, strong voice with your characters while making the PC not seem uncanny or forced into an honestly fun story despite a comparatively short length. I very much enjoyed the Marquessa and Lumi!


Eh, this game was okay, Bailey was the only thing I actually liked about it. Unlike most other people here I wasn't into Roan at all - mainly because I don't enjoy playing a sub and the humiliation kink doesn't do it for me whatsoever. Lumi wasn't my type either.
The two issues that I had with this game was that the sex was pretty boring and there was no closure at the end with the LIs. Bailey was, as I said, the best thing about my playthrough - I liked his attitude and 'voice' - but even he came across as kind of  half-assed because of the shortness of the game.  Oh well.


Saw you in Ashley Bardhan's Kotaku article! I'm noting how varied the comments/reviews here are. By making a choose-your-own adventure story with such skill, you've given a variety of totally different people totally different experiences with the same work. It's very impressive to see such feedback! 

You should write more like this, whether it's about sex or not!! 


I didn't expect to like this.. it's very short but I liked it. Choosing their body parts everytime broke the immersion for me a bit but I understand the need for that. I loved Roan so much, his commanding tone and how he expects to be answered, his lines, personality.. I loved it.

Bailey, is more on the gentle side but I can picture him as a gentle big man. He was sweet. I did another playthrough just for him.

Lumi.. was totally not my type at all lol. I stopped when he told me to take "charge" in dance.

As for the Marquessa, sorry but I really didn't like her. She was too forced & pushy regardless of sexual orientation. I just ignored her parts.

But overall this could be made to a much longer thing. The story was actually interesting despite being short. And the romance isn't bad.


Please make this a series! It's so good!!!


One of the rare times where you come for the smut but stay for the story.

Very good queer game, and mature bdsm. I appreciate consent of differents protagonists : it's fresh and cool


A lot of love was poured into this game, and it shows ♥

Thanks for making this. I enjoyed the heck out of it.


So much fun. I loved Lumi.


my one complaint is there’s no sequel.


Very good writing , i thought it was going to be cringy but it wasnt and i loved the story that was there. You easily made a smut  game while slipping in backstory which is nice fr


that's was a good experience 


This was really... nice. I think I've learned that I am open to some flavors of experience  I never thought I would be if I am enjoying the banter, feel safe, and can back out at any time.


Fantastic! Hot & funny, engaging CYA stuff without the tedium of restarting and endlessly skipping through decisions.


Is there any way to download the game for offline play?

(3 edits) (+3)

I registered on just for this lovely game and for my beloved Roan! I just had a relationship break up and I feel so excited and fullfiled while reading romance &smut scenes of Roan. I chose Roan as a male, I love his demanding and dom personality also he was being generous to give sword skill instructions and playful flirts. I'll be really grateful if there's a sequel or a commercial full release of this interactive novel. I'll definitely pay for it, enjoyed it so much! (´v`o)♡


Out of curiosity is it actually possible to beat Roan?


Sorry for delay replying, I thought I'd remember, but I didn't, so I had to check the code! 

Yes, ish, you can win an Dishonourable Victory over Roan (but no chance of a honourable one, Roan is better than you.)

It doesn't really change the outcome though, no secret scene or anything.

Thank you for your response! I was just wondering since I got a dishonorable victory so I thought there may have been some way to win honorably so I spent about 10-15 minutes restarting and trying different combinations of choices. At least now I know I wasn't going crazy (haha)


Had a delightful time reading through this. Good writing and thanks for making it :)


Really an excellent game, I played it some time last year but forgot to book mark it and then spent around two hours today trying to figure out what it was called and searching for it just to play it again. You've made something really special here Jemma, thanks for a truely good game!



kinky hot bastard ^q^


This is incredible! Being able to customize pronouns and body parts is something every game like this should have imo. And it's very well written! I found myself very interested in your world and the background plot, while also heavily charmed by the romance options. I would be SUPER interested in a much longer version of this that delves more into the world and relationships!

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